G-Gruppens Forum - User agreement and privacy policy

User Agreement

  • Forum Code of Conduct
    Welcome as a user in the G-Gruppens forum.
    You should know our rules before writing in the forum.

  • The purpose of the forum
    The forum is a place where you can ask and answer genealogy questions and topics related to genealogy.

  • Register as a user and log in
    If you want to participate in the debate, you must be a member of the G-gruppen.
    The membership application can be found on the G-Gruppens website www.g-gruppen.net. Then you can click "Register" and fill in the requested information.

  • Language
    Allowed languages are the languages around the Baltic Sea.
    However, keep in mind that a language that the majority of members can understand can provide more answers to your posts.

  • Your posts can be read for many years
    When writing a post in our forum, keep in mind that it can be read for many years to come. So don't write anything you regret tomorrow or in ten years. The purpose of the forum is that current and future genealogists should be able to find the old posts and the many gold grains.

  • Do not copy other people's texts to the forum
    You can refer to other sources and quote from texts, but do not copy a full text that you do not have copyright to in the forum. Remember to quote when quoting. If you want to quote from a text that is on the web, it is a good idea to just link to it.

  • Search before you ask
    Before asking a question about a specific topic or feature, it is a good idea to check if the topic has been dealt with before. You do this by doing a search in the Forum. Use the search function from the menu bar. Also, use the search function to find out if there are any threads that point to your ancestors or parishes. This way you can find unexpected gold nuggets.

  • Just ask one question at a time
    If you have multiple questions, it is best to create a post for each question. This makes it both easier for you to write a good and comprehensive headline for your post and easier for the respondent. If there is a family connection between two or more threads you create, it will facilitate the work of those who help you if you remember to make cross references between the threads.

  • Choose the right forum group
    Make sure you post in the right forum group. This way the response time is shorter and you are targeting the right audience.

  • Just create your post once
    Do not post the same post in multiple forum groups. It makes the forum unmistakable and messy. If your post has disappeared from the first page without getting an in-depth response, you can re-post it by writing a new answer in the thread.

  • No spam, please!
    You may not send unsolicited offers or advertisements, either to other users' email addresses or as private messages in the forum. It is against the rules and involves exclusion from the forum. Advertising for products or events does not belong to the forum and will be removed.

  • Behave well
    It should be nice to use the forum, so keep a good tone. We do not accept personal attacks, swear words and the like, but it is of course allowed to express your point of view as long as it is done in a decent way.

  • Give others help
    Your knowledge and experience of genealogy is important to other members and users. Share your knowledge in the forum by answering questions and helping others move on. Your responses will inspire others to participate actively in the forum.

  • Moderator
    Posted incorrect posts or posts that violate the forum rules will be deleted by the forum moderator. This will usually happen without being informed. You can object by sending an email to the moderator.

  • Quarantine
    In case of repeated violations of our rules, the moderator will send you a warning. If this warning is ignored, the moderator may quarantine you during a period when you cannot post in the forum.

  • Report offensive content
    If you find posts that do not comply with Forum's rules, you can click the "Report to moderator" button.
    Please note that the review feature is not intended for bland headlines and inaccurate posts. Please leave that type to the forum moderators.

Privacy Policy

By submitting your information to the G-Group's Forum, you consent to us digitally registering these in our membership register for association use and messages to you. Your information will NOT be disclosed or sold to any third party.

Please note that with each post your IP address is recorded, in case you violate the forum's code of conduct you can be excluded from this forum.

The forum software places a cookie, a text file containing bits of information (such as your username and password), in your browser's cache. This is ONLY used to keep you logged in or out. The software does not collect or send any other form of information to your computer.

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